Artificial grass is a perfect alternative for traditional lawns if your looking to keep that lush green colour whilst reducing maintenance.

Groundscape have extensive knowledge in artificial grass products and installations across  many sectors from private homes through to commercial playgrounds. We work with our customers to choose the correct artificial grass for the installation in question. Choose from a range of artificial lawns varying in colour, texture, blade length and infill material.



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Artificial grass is pretty much maintenance free but like anything a bit of care here and there will improve the appearance for years to come.

So what maintenance is required?

Remove any debris such as leaves from the lawn to prevent them decomposing on the lawn and making it dirty.

Wash and remove animal soiling to keep the lawn clean and free from nasty smells.

Brush the lawn, this will keep the pile upright and looking the real deal.

Re-fill, depending on the infill used this may need topping up once a year to keep the lawn up to scratch.

We offer artificial grass maintenance too so get in touch if you need this service.

Artificial grass is fine with pets. We recommend a heavy sand fill to prevent pets from being able to claw and lift the turf and also to edge the lawn area with a timber or stone edging too. Cleaning is simple, just remove any soiling and wash with a hose or brush, mild cleaning chemicals can vary depending on product, don't worry we will advise on this before installation. 

Artificial grass is perfect for us with children, it benefits from fast drainage so if its been raining then it drys out soon. Due to the nature of artificial lawn it is free from soil so no more muddy shoes in the house. We have a variety of lawns to choose from which vary in pile length so you can have a soft carpet like feel.

We also supply and instal safety shock pads which can be fitted around play equipment to meet critical fall height for safety.

The cost depends really on what the lawn is replacing and what grade of lawn you choose. A typical artificial lawn replacing an existing turf lawn costs between £35+VAT per sqm and £65+VAT per sqm